Through the Fire and the Flame

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Starting lvl. 1. This is to promote character development. Stick to core classes only please. Max GP for each class. You can take a 32 point buy in or a 4d6v rolls for your character, whichever is greater. No alignment CE.In the province of Tylandril lies Tyrsk, a great city founded by master craftsmen, ruled by wise leaders. A cool wind weaves through the bustling city, casting chills into the depths of the citizens' souls. The evening moon lifts steadily into the blanketing darkness of a Tylandril night.Its scarlet color uncommon in these lands is the first of several signs of things to come.

Wolves in the distant wilderness howl their mournful cries, which echo off the Atalach mountains. A strange magic hangs in the air, erupting a myriad of whispers and concerns from the curious city-folk.

"It has begun!" screams a prophet, Muriel, known for his strange, yet accurate foreknowledge. "The merciless incinerators from the deep have reached the surface, bringing fire from the depths with them!" His voice begins to waver as he continues, "Tyrsk will suffer, through the fire and the flame, until the monstrosities of impossible power are destroyed!" Gasping for air, the prophet's eyes roll into the back of his head, "People of Tyrsk, ready yourselves for the coming... horrors... find their weakness.... (Gasp)... water of....... Zyrandil..." and with that final word, Muriel falls into a lifeless heap, his face oddly singed as if he'd fallen into the coals of a fire.

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