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Black in Blood and Shadow

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  • Created Jun 9 '17
  • Last Post Mar 16 '19 at 10:21pm
  • Status Running
  • System Shadowrun

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The year is 2072.

It is a time of waning hope, plentiful nuyen, and powerful technology...yet most dangerous of all is still knowledge.

Knight Errant and Governor Brackhaven have just moved in the Seattle Metroplex. Things have finally just 'settled down' (as much as they ever do in Seattle) from the Tempo craze and the last gasps of the fallout from The Emergence. There are some odd rumors floating around about the 'front-line' officers of this new Knight Errant Police Force, and it's been confirmed in the shadows that they are equipped unlike any other Knight Errant Division, and most of its officers are also 'young', with not a one older than 28 years of age...

Rumors and partially-confirmed whispers in the shadows mention that the United Nations is up to something. 'Something' that involves one (or possibly more) secret and/or previously 'hidden-in-plain-sight' organizations under its control. Closely-related rumors and whispers also mention 'activities' and 'actions' amongst obscure and secretive branches of the Corporate Court...

Several teams of shadowrunners (mostly younger, newer 'runners, but at least one veteran shadowteam) have gone 'missing' or been found 'victims of gang violence' after reportedly looking into those rumors.

Rumors are the Big Ten (and the largest AAs) are maneuvering for advantage...or are the 'immortals'. Whispers in the shadows is that something has them all nervous...something with a timeframe that is 'close, but not immediate'.

And conspiracy theorists (both in and out of the Shadows) are beginning to more rapidly rave about 'cyclic threats' and 'terrible rebirths'...along with 'returning exiles' and 'ancient secrets'.

All of this in a period of great growth and innovation, where all power-blocs are finally finding their way into new markets and starting to really explore new frontiers...and fight new deniable wars in the shadows.

This is...Corporations, Black in Blood and Shadow.

Can you and your fellows survive amidst the turmoil, opportunity, power-plays, and great threats?

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