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The year is 370; Feldrehna:

Two centuries ago, there was a war waged between the continent and the savage Black Hole. This war lasted decades of bloodshed, until the Black Hole was sealed away. Ever since the battle was won, Feldrehna lived in perfect peace.

Sadly, the Black Hole was not sealed forever. It came back in red wrath, ready to resume bloodshed. The continent of Feldrehna is once again threatened by evil.

Many entered it's lair to vanquish it... but they were confronted too early. Although brave... they perished in utter vain.

But all is not lost. There are still others willing to fight. With nothing but their weapons by their side, they venture inside to obliterate the Black Hole and free Feldrehna once again.This is the fight for the Feldrehna's freedom.

Good luck...

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