Yataa Heroes

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Game Information
  • Created Oct 22 '08
  • Last Post Dec 31 '08 at 12:13am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Fate/Fudge

Game Description

All around the world, ordinary people have been developing extraordinary abilities. Scientists search for answers, and normal people become something completely different. Are you a special? What will you do with this power?

And if you are a normal human, how do you react to these new developments? Do you embrace them? Or do you take a darker route, within the paths of the Company?Where does it come from?

This quest?

This need to solve life's mysteries from the simplest of questions can never be answered.

Why are we here?

What is a soul?

Why do we dream?

Perhaps we are better of not looking at all.

Not delving, not yearning.

If that's not human nature, not the human heart.

that is not why we are here.

yet still we struggle to make a difference.

to change the world

to dream of hope.

never knowing for certain who we meet along the way.

who among the world of strangers will hold our hand

touch our hearts.

and share the pain of trying.

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