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Epic level game of randomness where both I and YOU will be imrpovising most of the time.
also: PLAAANESHIIIFT!!!The gnome inventor Crapp Darwin have invented this huge airship thingie that can fly trough time, space, mayonnaise and...PLANES!
He have sent word for the mightiest warriors in the world to join him on his voyage, and you heeded the call. also: he took some paying customers on the astral plane...
nevermind those.
ANYWAYS! As he was flying his ship trough some plane (you dont know what plane yet) he crashed with a flying halfling. Now this halfling was a mighty sort of halfling so he flew right trough the ship, bringing it down. the ship crashed into a temple of some sorts and landed right on a HUGE drgonic creatures head, killing it instantly. as if that was not bad enough, Crapp Darwin died in the crash. So now youre stuck in this stupid temple with a useless boat and a rotting corpse.
A BIG rotting corpse. OH THE SMELL! this place have not been cleaned of excrements in aeons!
So lets sum up: Stuck on a foreign plane! not a good thing!
not at all...

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