Flickering Elements

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Game Information
  • Created Oct 27 '08
  • Last Post Oct 27 '08 at 8:54pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System D20 Past

Game Description

the world has been thrown out of balance. the elements have begun to lose their form and break down back into their natural state of chaos. the four monks charged with protecting the elements have sensed this corrosion ans according to their role model, the once great master of all five elements master mong, they set out to find four champions . it is foretold that one of these champions will master the five elements and will be able to rise up and restore order to the elements. now they are charged with with taking these four inexperienced individuals and having the arduous task of determining if any of them are worthy of this destiny.you were aproached by a monk from behind. before you could react you felt a sudden sting and then you were paralyzed. the monk wispered in your ear. "listen to me carfuly. I am not here to hurt you. there are greater forces at work then you are aware of. however they are aware of you. do not be afraid. I will protect you as long as you do not oppose me. however do not dare to defy me. the elements can easily consume one such as yourself. there is a long road ahead of you and great power lies on it. also great responsibility
a resounding howl blows through the air and the world aroung you apears to darken momentarily. you begin to regain some feeling but are still mostly paralyzed.
"I will take you to safty but we will have to travel until sun up tomarow. after that your training will begin. it is best that as we flee you do not see the beast that shall trail us."
you feel a sharp rap upon your head and then fall into unconsciousness

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