4e 101: Into the Shadow Haunt

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4e 101: Into the Shadowhaunt

A crazy project and first attempt at play by post Dming by FreshDice!

With the recent release of Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition D&D players are split into many groups those who convert to 4e, those who wanna check it out or those who just wanna keep with what there playing whether it's 3.x, 2e, AD&D or Path Finder.

4e 101: Into the Shadowhaunt is an attempt to teach and give experience to those new to D&D 4th Edition,all that someone who wishes to join needs is the 4th Edition Player Handbook and a determination to learn to use what can be a very fun and varied system.

The Project will use the Adventure provided for D&D Game Day called "Into the Shadowhaunt" a 1st level adventure whose encounters provide a varied experience of the new system.Two young boys have gone from their home in the middle of the night, and their father, a silversmith named Quin Stasi has come to you for help.
Though he does not know who has abducted his sons, or the reasons why, thanks to a ritual casting procured from the local temple of Erathis, he knows the boys are alive, in the area, and that their current location is in the direction of the Shadowhaunt Mausoleum, an ancient tomb of some long forgotten line of warlords avoided by the locals believed to be haunted.
He has offered you 50gp each to investigate the Shadowhaunt Mausoleum, an an extra 50gp each if they find his boys... or their fate.

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