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Pugs, Beldon, Sorra, and Derkland travel back to a inhabited town to bury their friend Zerik who's skull caved in after being used as a battering ram. Pugs and Sorra are sure that Derkland is the one who did it but he is still in denial about it, not remembering anything after his inner demon awoke.

The night passes and everyone awakens to find that Derkland is gone only leaving behind a note with a drawing on it. The drawing showing a stick figure with lots of swords and a shield pointing towards what looks to be a doorway.

Below that drawing is another drawing of the same stick figure killing other stick figures that appears to have fangs protruding from the mouths.

The day goes on as normal and passes without anything happening.The town the party currently resides in is called, "Small Pike Town". The inn that the party currently resides in is called "2 pints". The town is a pretty quiet place, everybody seems to be friendly and helpful.

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