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Until the Sea Shall Free Them

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Game Information
  • Created Oct 3 '17
  • Last Post Jun 26 '18 at 4:53pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Dungeon World

Game Description

The Deep Astral stretches out into endless nothing, a silver sea full of cold stars and shifting colors. It is dotted with ruined dominions, ancient towers, islands haunting and haunted, mysteries more final than death has turned out to be.
Endless, far from the thriving dominions of the gods, far from the merchant outposts, far from everything, close to the numinous--the far corners of the Silver Sea are not a predictable place, nor a safe one. Astral skiffs and stranger craft sail into it, and sometimes they bring back wealth and wonder and power, and sometimes they bring back stories and glory and knowledge, and sometimes they do not return.

A woman may find her grief in the Silver Sea, or leave it behind there. A man may go chasing his heart's desire, and leave his heart behind. A crew may come back with a hold full of wealth, or hearts full of beauty, or minds full of strange and senseless songs that push them, guide them, change them.

You, sailor, feel the pull of the Sea like a silver cord tied to your soul. No careful, profit-counting merchant, you: you've thrown caution to the wyrd-winds that fill your craft's sails and gone out to see sights even the gods haven't laid eyes on.

Are you new to the shifting currents and uncharted islands of the Deep Astral?
Are you a seasoned sailor, with successful voyages after your belt, wise enough to survive but foolish enough to return?
Are you one who has lost something to the Deep, or are you lost to it?
Are you searching for something, or leaving something--or everything--behind?

Do you sail seeking power, seeking knowledge, seeking peace, seeking freedom?

Welcome, Sailor! The Silver Sea awaits!

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