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Game Information
  • Created Nov 3 '08
  • Last Post Dec 14 '08 at 3:18pm
  • Status Complete
  • System World of Darkness

Game Description

In the year 2010 the world is a very different place. The USA got smacked back into its place by Russia and China; all American troops have been withdrawn from all over the world and most have been forced to return to civilian life. Any commercial or passenger planes to or from America have been canceled indefinately. All of America’s bombs, missiles, and other weapons have been ordered, by America’s captors, to be destroyed and disposed of. Disgruntled, the American government did as they were told.

It is now 2017. America still has no army, no mass weapon stores, and remains a no-fly zone to anyone but her captors. There are no occupying soldiers roaming the streets, there are no check points, there are no raids. There is simply the promise of thousands of missiles aimed at various targets and massive bombs hidden through out the land. Recon planes and satellites keep an ever watchful eye on the once grand nation. If ever there is something that needs to be stopped, a quick tactile missile falls from a recon plane and quickly ends it. There is a small rebel force, they call themselves the Patriots. However, without a presence of their captors there is little for them to do besides give the recon planes decoy’s to blow up and bicker amongst themselves. An odd silence washed over the land. The silence of an entire nation struggling, and then just giving up.

The American government has finished demilitarizing. There are small arms allowed amongst peace keepers, but little else can be found. However, they did screw up. Creatures roam the land; not quite living, and definitely not dead. It seems the American government was preparing for a large chemical and biological strike; against whom remains unknown. After they were defeated they had to quickly dispose of the chemicals. With the ever-watching eye of their captors there were very few options. In the end the chemicals were made “safe” and distributed to major food companies. They were told it was a break through vitamin that would help set off any ill effects of lower quality food if America was forced to take drastic actions during its occupation; and to immediately add it to all their products. They were also told their captors would love to have the formula, so they should lie and if asked about it and to claim it is a preservative. Ironic that it actually preserved the body, no? Now it is clear that the chemicals were not completely safe. They have had an odd effect on the human body, living and dead. All of America appears to be dieing where there are people. Buildings deteriorate quicker, grass refuses to grow, birds fall from the sky, even the air is like poison in some places. While the lesser inhabited areas, while not completely untouched, are a bit nicer.

Recently a laboratory was raided by the transformed. They killed without question. They held a scientist at gunpoint who confessed to the cause of the contaminated food. He said from tests that it takes 3-5 years for the contamination in humans to become known. He begged for forgiveness when he said all he knew. The transformed ripped his head off. Food everywhere is contaminated, and so are the machines that process the food. The only “clean” supply is what you grow yourself from seeds NOT from contaminated food. Some superstition and paranoia has arisen, but many people have kept their wits. Many have made small camps in the wilderness to distance themselves from the sick looking cities.

Undead creatures roam the land, are you one of them?

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