Lifting the Siege of Hoenn

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The kingdom of Kan, a shining center for hard work and vigilance, built with towering
mountains over its shoulder, the might of the Arcanine King, King Ken, stood proud.

Long did the people of Kan live peacefully, not only with the mysterious and enigmatic
pokemon that covered the land but with their neighbors to the south, the Nation of Hoenn,
across the mighty ocean. One a mighty land of castles, keeps and walls and the other an
exotic land of farmers and tradesmen.

Through the land the creatures known as Pokemon lives free. Some were assistance in
farming, beast of burden, assisting in smithing or construction. But they only did so at their
own choice, a symbiotic relationship born from trust and understanding of their wild lands
and habitats that lay beyond the borders of man's world.

That was before they came. A black fleet of ships, all bearing a mysterious emblem, swept
over the lands of Kan's close allies. By the time word arrived in the ports of Kan, it was far
too late.

"Lords defeated. Fleet destroyed. Pokemon slaves, please send help."

The note was neither long nor specific, but the reality was obvious, Hoenn needed the
assistance of their great allies to the north. The king at time sent mighty fleets to fight
against this mysterious intruder, but upon meeting them on the shores of Hoenn they were
ripped to shreds. Their use of pokemon as objects of war was impossible to combat with
mere men. Slowly noble men were trained to fight alongside pokemon and soon they would
be put to the test. They trained in silence, the common man still fighting the good fight to
free Hoenn, but time after time being pushed back. But soon they would have no choice.

The black fleet came to the shores of the Kingdom of Kan and it was now or never. The
legendary Arcaknights were born and alongside them the noble-born of Kan fought to
protect their land, each of their men showing they could best many of the exausted slaves
of the dark invaders. The tide seemed to have turned. But even as they pushed back the
first waves, more ships arrived... a war of attrition began, the coast of Kan would never be
the same.

Soon the truth was realized, they could not hoard the right for brave young warriors to fight
alongside their pokemon allies, a new generation would have to arrive. Many youths were
chosen to take on this honor of being part of the first generation of Pokemon Trainers, both
warrior and ally to the pokemon beside them.

The plan was simple, in the time between waves a grand force of these Pokemon Trainers
would be sent into battle, turning back the incoming ships before moving forward to the
shores of Hoenn.

Its been 50 years since the first sign of the black fleet, but now is the time for the return of the Kingdom of Kan on the shoulders of tomorrow's youth.

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