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For twenty years the land of Valindor was besieged by the Necromancer Theselar and his undead army. During the tenth year of the war you had a strange dream. You stood at the old circle of stones in Calderon with four shades and heard a voice call out.

"You have been chosen, go forth across Valindor and gather the people to fight the evil of Theselar for you will need the strength of all the land in times to come."

The four shades turned out be others like you. Chosen by the gods.

It was you and your companions who united the people and led them to victory against the Necromancer. In the end you six faced off against him in his tower as the armies of Valindor fought Theselars undead army outside. In the end the Necromancers magics failed him and he fell to you and your fellows.

That was one year ago. You spent the last year traveling be honored in almost every way by the people's of Valindor. The king of Rhalin even bequeathed you the old castle at Banister and governorship of the territory to do with as you five see fit. Finally you have leave from all the pomp and circumstance of royal courts and noble houses.

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