Shattered Gates of the Slaughtergarde

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This is a 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons game using a conversion of the 3rd edition module The Shattered Gates of the Slaughtergarde, modified for extra flavor. Three major dungeons form the heart of this adventure, but we'll mix that up a bit with some other challenges that will test your party's mettle.Centuries ago, forces of good and evil collided in a titanic battle at the mountain fortress of Slaughtergarde. Armies of men, angels, elves, and dwarves fought and defeated a rampaging demon horde, banished its demon prince, and tore Slaughtergarde apart, hurling it back into the Abyss. However, the destruction of Slaughtergarde was incomplete. Parts of the fortress were embedded underneath the Valley of Obelisks, buried for all time. Now, malign forces have found Slaughtergarde’s dark chambers, and they toil ceaselessly to restore the magic gates that will reconnect Slaughtergarde to the Abyss. If they aren’t stopped, a new demon horde may emerge from the shattered fortress to rampage across the world.

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