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You are level 4 with 500 GP , I will allow you to roll 4d6 and drop the lowest one and arrange the stats however you want. You may be of any class or any race and any non-evil alignment. Some races will face prejudice in some domains. You will start of in Mordent but can wind up anywhere. Dark Powers checks are definitely a thing. For those who never played Ravenloft before that means when you act evil you may have to pay a price for it. One thing should be clear this is a Ravenloft game not a Masque of the Red Death game. Your boss is from Gothic Earth but you are not on it. We are going by Ravenloft rules.

Social skills are at a premium, you get one social skill free. You can have more than one if you wish. It also means charisma is less of a "dump" stat than in many games. Vampires are merely weakened by sunlight not destroyed by it. They are at -1 to attack and damage during the daylight hours but nothing more.

The Darklords are mostly pragmatic evil and villains with good publicity. In other words they mostly have a good reputation. Since you can't detect good or evil in Ravenloft they can hide their evil as easily as any clever or charismatic person can in the real world and the vast majority are both. Your character doesn't know about their evil and you should act like it.

In this game Darklords are redeemable and some may well have been redeemed. This is, in part, to throw a spanner in the works. For example, you can't count on Herself being evil, maybe she redeemed herself and her sister Louise is the new Dark Lord. Since "darklordship" and political power don't necessarily go together she might still rule the domain. Note that I am saying she MIGHT be redeemed but she probably isn't.

All darklords are unaging and undying. They neither age nor can they be permanently killed unless the Dark Power feel they should be allowed to die.

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