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Welcome! This is a series of short adventures for Star Wars SAGA set around 18BBY, during the rise of Emperor Palpatine. In these dark times the bastions of law and light are no more and while some survivors run and hide, others are willing to either risk their lives to gain some hope for the future or go down in a blaze of glory...It has been a year since the Clone Wars were won and the New Order was declared. Although there are rumours of skirmishes and CIS strongholds that remain in the Outer Rim, the New Order under Palpatine dominates the Galaxy.

The Jedi are no longer a force to be reckoned with, most citizens of this Empire have no reason to doubt that they were the schemers behind the cause of the wars, the traitors that the Emperor branded them. There are all but gone, remaining in name only it seems.

While the Imperial Army garrisons every world in the newly named Imperial Sector, the Moffs take control of every world that once had an independant ruler and the Empire expands it's dominion day by day.
And the Galaxy must rebuild. Many worlds have been devasted by war, trillions of people are dead and resources are scarce, much has been taken by the military machine.
In the chaos planets that once depended on trade are being starved, the citizens are desparate to acquire the necessities of life through any means. While the Imperial Army enforces the laws it sees, its main aim is domination and it is content to look away from the neglect of the populace as well as the petty laws they break, as long as none defy the Emperor.

While away from the eyes of the galaxy, another more secret battle takes place. The Purge of the Jedi continues as they are hunted to the farthest reaches of the stars...

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