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The Last Days of the Kingdom of Bronwend

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What brings you to this corner at the edge of civilization?

The small, inconsequential kingdom of Bronwend sits at the end of civilization, a remote place with little to offer the world. At the remotest end of the kingdom is the small village of Carlsby, where the PCs find themselves. It's a great place to get away, if you're running from something. There's said a guide can be found in Carlsby, one who is willing to take travelers through the treacherous, monster-filled Dareke Mountains to Cornadell. Or maybe the Dwarves Fair has brought you, eager to earn money?

Bronwend would be nothing, just another petty kingdom in a remote corner at the edge of Civilized Arelas, were it not for the occasional trade fair when the dwarves of the nearby Dareke Caverns come out of their isolated halls for one week to sell their highly sought after crafts. That fair brings merchants, collectors, and wizards from all over Arelas, from the rich cities of the east and south. The years in between the fair, however, are lean and empty of visitors. Now, a trade fair has been announced in a few months time, the first in three years.

But it comes at a time when Bronwend appears to be collapsing. Kolensdarby, a milltown in the kingdom's north, has broken away following a rebellion. Kirkthorpe, the only sizable population center since Kolensdarby and a coinage town, has more crumbling buildings than it does thriving businesses. Spotswood Hall, the ancestral home of the Heeren of Spotswood, has been empty for years, rumors of dark hauntings driving away any visitors. The current king, Thorm of the House of Brom, is a young warrior but does that mean he can rule effectively? And can he, or anyone, guide Bronwend out of this slow collapse? Or will clever opportunists seize this moment to enrich themselves at the expense of the dying kingdom?

This game is being run in a homebrew gameworld I've spent decades working on. I designed it for Pathfinder but am planning to run it in 5th Edition. If Pathfinder is preferred by most applicants, I am happy to go with it. There are few game rules and context specific to my world, which can be found in the races and classes section. Additionally, I have a lot of background information on this gameworld, some of which is provided here. I'm providing this because I want a rich role-playing experience. This game is set to be an adventure, with the usual expectations, but with a lot of potential for role-playing. It will probably involve some in-world politics, so be sure that's the game you want. Reading the gameworld material and using it in your application is sure to impress me.

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