The Hunt Is On

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  • Created Nov 12 '08
  • Last Post Jan 31 '09 at 11:09pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Serenity

Game Description

In this game, the PCs will play as "escaped" criminals that are secretly working for the Alliance to try and win their freedom. Combat and social skills, as well as friends in high/low places will play a large role in this game as to attempt to hunt your targets across the 'Verse. This will also be a semi-freeform game, in which the PCs will be able to do "side-quests" to gain money and gear while they work toward a large over-arching "main quest".

The players will all start off on the planet of Verbena, at an Alliance security compound. They were all tricked into coming to the planet by whatever means. They could have been promised work, or given a secret message telling them to come, or even threatened into coming. Whatever the reasons, the characters safehouse was raided by Federal Marshals and they were taken into custody. After being held for some time in a cramped communal cell with many other criminals, several are called out one at a time and most were brought back, unconscious, some time later.“Please, take a seat.

One of the men across the table gestures for you to sit. You’re still a little preoccupied with your distant
reflection in the tinted visors of the two fully armored Alliance marines behind them; featureless and unmoving,
their shiny New-tech weapons held at the semi-ready. Hesitantly, you are able to pull your attention away from
the guards and back to the two men sitting before you. They are both dressed in fine black suits and look
respectable enough, but their blue hands betray the fact they are both probably wearing fully armored bodygloves
under their suits.

"You're probably wondering why you are here," the other of them says in the same monotone voice as the other.

"You see," the other says, "We have a favor to ask of you. While you may not think it, the Alliance cares very
much for its people, and takes care of them. So despite your past transgressions, you are being given a second

"Indeed," the other says, "You are in a very unique position. We are willing to overlook your past transgressions
if you would be so kind as to enter our employ.

The two fall silent as they wait for your response. This all takes you a bit by surprise. Before you even know
what you are doing, you find yourself slowly nodding your head. The two men exchange a glace and then turn back
to you, one removing a slim, holographic data slate and sliding it across the table to you. The other passes you an
electronic pen. Before you is a very long and official looking document written in very small print; at the
bottom of the page a signature line is highlighted.

"Don't bother yourself with all the details, you would be doing us a great favor by simply signing the line
and doing what we ask. In return, we will see to it that a clerical error will result in the expungement of
your record.

Hesitantly, you look down again at the document and are surprised to find your hand already poised to sign.
What the worst that could happen? You spend the rest of your life in an Alliance prison? Your already on
your pay to a penal ship, this could be a good thing. Wiping your sweaty palm on your coveralls, you quickly
scribble down your name and slide the pen and slate back across the table. Checking over the provided
information, the agents seem satisfied and put the items away.

"Now before we conclude our dealings, there is one thing you must keep in mind. For the duration of this mission,
you will still be seen as a criminal to the rest of the world. You must understand that this is a matter of
absolute secrecy, and that only the people in this room and several other very senior members of the Alliance
government have any idea about this operation. You will never see us again, and you will receive no support from
us once you leave this room. Any attempt on your behalf to foil our agreement will be met with swift retribution.

"You are on your own from here on out."

Nodding in agreement, you wait for whatever comes next.

"That leaves only one other matter to attend to." one of them says as they other motions to the marines.

"Your qualification test." the other finishes.

Before you can ask any sort of questions, one of them produces a small object from an inner pocket of their
suit and points it at you. The last thing you see are the marines advancing on you before everything fades to

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