The Undead King

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Game Information
  • Created Nov 12 '08
  • Last Post May 8 '09 at 1:06pm
  • Status Complete
  • System D20 Past

Game Description

A lich has successfully risen an army of undead and has sold his soul to demons, amassing an army of demons. The mortals of the realm fought a godforsaken war.

The war waged couldn't be won by the mortals. Pushed to the brink of extinction each of the mortal races built strongholds to protect themselves.

One fateful evening a comet hit the earth, though it didn't act like a normal comet, but something odd started appearing several weeks later. A few angels started to appear through out the wastes. Likewise dragons whom haven't been seen in millennia started to waken from ancient slumbers.Nothing moves in the fortress where life was once bustling. Animals that were once plentiful for food are not seen. Several large pools of blood lay on the ground, yet no bodies are seen to accompany the blood.

Could it be an ancient black dragon raiding the area? No. They tend not to eat humans. No there is but one culprit for this attack. The lich king Rulrael has sent his undead masses or maybe a handful of demonic assasins to raid settlement. Both the dead and alive captives served him.

With nothing left to be done the only option is to leave. The ghosts that will occupy this unhallowed ground may not recognize one of thier friends. The future holds two option, to fight or to flee. Either future holds the promise of dead.

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