Star Wars: Advent of Rapture

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  • Created Nov 16 '08
  • Last Post Nov 29 '08 at 12:30am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Star Wars

Game Description

Taking place long, long after the Legacy Era, this is once again a time of supposed Peace is the Star Wars universe. The Sith have been defeated, and although they have survived they are weak and as a whole no longer pose a threat to the galaxy. War is waged but is confined far into the Outer Rim, far from both the eyes and the minds of the Galaxy at large.

Because of this "Peace" things are in some ways, much worse than had been before. Because the Sith haven't hard struck at the Republic in hundreds of years, they are allowed to lick at their wounds and occasionally strike at the Republic, with only minor retaliation , mostly from the constrained Jedi and over stretched Rangers. Although they had been firmly ahead at the beginning of the Sentinel War, the Mandalorians prescient, innovative, and ruthless tactics have allowed them to gain the edge against the larger, but half hearted Republic forces. The Hutts have experienced a large boon in their own enterprises, and making attempts to expand their businesses even further.

But hope is far from lost, as the Jedi refuse to let history repeat itself. A small but motivated minority of the Galaxy, sees the problems and wants to deal with them, instead of ignore them. They will stand and fight against the forces of evil and corruption before they could stand to crush the Galaxy's peace so newly created.

But a larger more dangerous force in the universe is awakening, and good and evil matters not in its eyes. The Peace so established will come to an end, and perhaps the entire universe if its not stopped.Three hundred and sixty five years have passed since the cataclysmic detonation of the first Death Star's reactor core. In that time, resurgent Empires have risen and fallen, and the Jedi have been beaten back time and time again, but have ultimately prevailed. In an effort to maintain the continuing peace won through years of bloodshed by the rebels of the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Alliance Core Forces, the Galactic Republic has been reestablished, and remnants of the old Empire have been all but swept away by the sands of time. Historians now view the temporary resurgence of the Sith as a pockmark on the timeline, a hiccup in the continuum of the Republic.

For citizens of the opulent Core Worlds, even the raging Sentinel War against the Mandalorians is merely an unpleasant dream, something happening away in the Rim, too far away to dampen the joyous peace the Republic has returned to the galaxy.

But the galaxy is far too large for simple sentient minds, even working in tandem, to hope to control, and in the dark corners where light cannot reach, disease continues to fester. As long as there are those cursed with the requisite depravity, the Sith can never truly die.

Though weakened, their influence still taints the Galaxy itself. Though no longer able to manipulate the intergalactic government systemís polices, Senators go missing, Crime Lords are found dead, and an occasional Star Destroyer goes missing. Jedi are sent to investigate and sometimes never return if they find something.

And beyond conflicts of light and dark, of morality altogether, a sleeping giant stirs from the slumber of many ages. The comings and goings of these soft, tiny creatures across the vastness of the space have brought amusement to its dreams. But those dreams are almost over, and it is nearly the hour in which its work is set to begin.

This is Star Wars: Advent of Rapture.

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