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A strange beacon of light lit the sky but a few nights ago. No one is quite sure of is origin, but strange activities have been becoming more and more common place as of late. Red armored men can be seen searching the streets of cities at night, an unsettling magical darkness moves about as if it has a will and mind of its own, and Dentinaris, a famous cartographer of the area has gone missing. With plenty of work abound, there is always much to do and much to be done in the land of the Pharaohs.Clear blue skies gave way to harsh winds, the unforgiving sun hanging over the horizon, as sand blew this way and that. Rolling hills of the small grains; dunes as tall as small castles ever shifting and moving. Osirion, the Land of the Pharaohs. A vast desert, with cities few and far between.

Clear nigh sky gave way to thousands upon thousands of stars. A brilliant flash of light, a towering beam of white shooting into the sky in the distance. Dark skinned men and women looked around at one another, then back to the towering beam just before it vanished. A sudden silence moving over the city for a few moments as all stopped, before moving about their business once again.

A slight gleam in his eye, Dilsten quickly set across the city, his long flowing blue and green robes trimmed with gold waving about his short legs. An arm curled around a massive silver bound tome, he quickly ducked into a corner, vanishing from sight. It would seem just in time, as two strangely red armored men trotted down the road passed him, obviously looking about them for someone. A sly smirk upon his lips as he moved further into the ally way, and went about his night. So much work was to be done, so much work. And all for his grace.

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