The World's Largest Dungeon

Game Description

A great big hack & slash adventure that will take your characters from level 1 through to level 20 (providing they survive!)

Application Process -


Sourcebooks - Rule of thumb here is going to be use pretty much any source you want as long as I can get my hands on it (either off my bookshelf or through friends) If I can't get hold of it I would kindly ask that you use a different source. Is that fair? I can get a HUGE supply of sources so this shouldn't really be a problem.

Ability Rolls - I'll allow a 36 point buy in.

Gold Rolls - As per Table 7-1 in the PHB 3.5 (pg111)

Barbarian - 4d4x10
Bard - 4d4x10
Cleric - 5d4x10
Druid - 2d4x10
Fighter - 6d4x10
Monk - 5d4
Paladin - 6d4x10
Ranger - 6d4x10
Rogue - 5d4x10
Sorcerer - 3d4x10
Wizard - 3d4x10

Starting Level - 1

Rollplay Vs. Roleplay? - Pretty much gonna be more towards Rollplay with bits of Roleplay.

Application Needs - Create character sheets (Please PM me with names of any source books used - and what for - so I can look over them.) Link to your character sheets in the application to join.

Alignments Allowed - Any.

***APPLICATIONS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED***Do you think your characters are hard enough to take on the gargantuan gauntlet that is The World's Largest Dungeon?

Please find the Dungeon Master of this dungeon in The Weeping Lobster Inn found in Hommlet to apply.

Be warned, this is NOT for the faint of heart.

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