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Claremont Academy is a private school in Bayview Heights, Freedom City. Unlike most normal private schools, Claremont Academy has begun admitting students with a slight difference – some of them have superpowers. These special youngsters attend classes with their more mundane counterparts, as well as taking special classes helping them to deal with their superpowers. Some of the staff are actually retired superheroes themselves, and they have dedicated themselves to training the next generation of heroes in Freedom City.

You are just one such special student. You have been accepted at Claremont Academy, and this is your first year there. The new school year starts soon, and you will be expected to make friends and start forming connections with other potential heroes. For perhaps the first time in your life, you will be surrounded by other teenagers like yourself, teenagers with superpowers.

You will be working to understand and control your powers while trying to blend in with the normal student population. As your studies progress, you will eventually start stepping outside the school to deal with problems as part of your advanced “homework.” This is the start of a grand new adventure, one that promises to be filled with excitement and new experiences.

Dear Student,

We are pleased to offer you a place here at the Claremont Academy. I am quire sure our program will be just the thing for a talented individual such as yourself and that you will enjoy your time with us in Freedom City. More importantly, the experience will give you vital skills you will need in the future.

The semester begins shortly, and our staff eagerly awaits your arrival. Once you arrive you will be housed with fellow students that share your great talents and gifts. This is a great time in your life, a time of learning. We all look forward to meeting you in person soon.

Duncan Summers, Headmaster

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