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A another great war has broken out on the continent of Therenon. The mighty Halris has set its goal on re-uniting the world under its banner. Trapped in a kingdom under siege, six stragglers try desperately to escape to safety.

How will the team of refugees make their way past the blockade? How will they endur the long arduous journey to the northern nation of Maletia? Will Maletia be able to hold back the onslaught of the Halris empire? What role will these handful of refugees play in this great conflict?

But first, they must survive.War is nothing new to the Continent of Therenon, no matter now it devastates its people. After a hundred years of civil war, the mighty Halris Empire of the South seeks again to unite the continent under its own banner. Already several small city states had fallen to Halris's armies, and their forces threatens to over take half a dozen more. The only nation mighty enough to oppose Halris is the Maletia Republic, a nation at the other end of the continent. However, weak leadership and internal struggle has prevented the republic from answering aides from other countries and securing an alliance to oppose the Halris.

The kingdom Etha had been completely surrounded. The Halris army have cut off all major roads in and out of the kingdom. Every abled man has been called to volunteer for the Knights of Etha to defend against Halris, but everyone knows it will not last. Halris forces will most likely take the capital within the month. At the town of Vesk, situation is even worse as the town became the influx center of refugees from the country side and fallen neighboring cities.

You've left your home and the only things you have left are what you carry with you. The only way to survive is to get out and somehow make it pass the blockade, and then journey north for Maletia. You cannot do this alone, you will need a team of like minded people. And you will need them to be at least as capable as yourself.

<Camera zooms in on a small Bonfire in the village commons of the Town of Veska, it is nightfall.>

A group of men and women stare grimly into crackling flames, as if they gaze into their own fates in the near future. A few more join them from time to time, not for the warmth of the fire, but perhaps to find courage.

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