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Forgotten Realms, wild west-style.

This campaign is meant to take a piece of the established Forgotten Realms and turn it into something more akin to a western. Full of adventure and drama, its a fantasy version of Deadwood, with a lawless frontier and the hard men and women who attempt to survive and prosper within. Set in the Fields of the Dead region, this campaign re-imagines the area to look more like the American south-west, full of hilly fields of grass, deep canyons, badlands and dead lands. Populated with homestead farmers, horse and cattle ranches, active and abandoned mines, and ancient battlefields of bones. Just like an old western movie, there are barbarian natives to fight or befriend, and wagon caravans to protect from bandits. But this is still the Realms, with swords instead of six-shooters, gnolls, trolls, and kobolds lurking in the dark places, and just what would a Dungeons & Dragons game be without dungeons and dragons?

The center of the campaign is Parthak, known as the "City of Trails". Placed on some of the more well-traveled caravan trails, this little town is a hub for the region. The main road, the Coast Way, is lined with wooden buildings, a canopied boardwalk connecting saloons, inns, general stores, and gambling halls. Expect to find cattle barons, horse thieves, barbarian traders, homesteaders, caravan guards, bounty hunters, and all manner of folk in Parthak. You don't have to find adventure; it'll find you, in Parthak.

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