What Lies Beneath

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Game Information
  • Created Dec 4 '08
  • Last Post Mar 7 '09 at 1:45am
  • Status Complete
  • System Iron Heroes

Game Description

Never has the city experienced what it is now. A storm has moved over Delustune and turned the white stone a dreary grey. The two canals in Delustune are filling higher than they ever have, giving worry to the residents who reside next to them. The sudden rain and itís damages is not all of the troubles that have struck this city. The Queen has been found murdered in her own bed, and a member of the royal family is convicted of the deed. He is to be executed on the morrow and all the city is in whispers of the way it is to be done.

A storm comes with the blood of a murder.
Something old is awakening,
And mysterious beings are coming out of the shadows...
Welcome to Delustune

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