My Enemies Are My Food - Chapter 1

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Hack 'n Slash says most of it. Rollplay over Roleplay. Kill to win.

Chapter 1?"Zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghouls, minotaurs. All of these have been considered your enemies. But now I tell you, they may be your allies." A human sage in black robes and long white hair swaying behind her speaks these to you. You wonder how you got there, but somehow know asking questions would do you no good. "The battle has begun, and the war is almost over. Now you must claim your dominance. Use what you must to defeat both foe, and friend..."

There is no mist, no fog, no smoke, but somehow you're back where you were before you found yourself in the presence of the sage woman.


For fifteen years, the city of Arolgen has been under the rule of the self-righteous King Relnin. He has ruled with a mighty fist and unwavering dominance. But during the fifteen years, there has not been a day of peace. The attacks keep coming, and attacking parties are continually sent out. The continuous war has bred more warriors and fighters than ever seen in the two thousand year history of the city.

But now, suddenly, a feeling of power seems to have swept over the entire city, and as if at once, everyone looked up and realized the same thing. They wanted to be the ruler.

However, there's one dilemma. The king has hoardes of guards. All of them relatives of the king, and all of them loyal to the death.

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