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I'm going to be taking the random dungeon generator from the 4e DMG (I was originally going to use the 1e version, but this 4e was pointed out to me and seems a lot more user friendly)
I'll be using the 4e one to map out the dungeon and the 3.5e dungeon generator to stock it.

Had loadsa fun back in the day with the 1e one.

Anyone brave enough to hack their way through?

Oh... Despite the fact I'm using 4e DMG to generate the dungeon, I'll still be using 3.5e rules!*****APPLICATIONS CLOSED*****

Sourcebooks - Core only for this one I'm afraid.

Ability Rolls - 32 point buy-in or standard 4d6. Please make stat rolls in this thread. If you make stat rolls, you keep them don't make the rolls and then decide to point-buy, I'm not going to let you for this adventure. Sorry!

Gold Rolls - As per Table 7-1 in the PHB 3.5 (pg111)

Barbarian - 4d4x10
Bard - 4d4x10
Cleric - 5d4x10
Druid - 2d4x10
Fighter - 6d4x10
Monk - 5d4
Paladin - 6d4x10
Ranger - 6d4x10
Rogue - 5d4x10
Sorcerer - 3d4x10
Wizard - 3d4x10

Starting Level - 1

Rollplay Vs. Roleplay? - Rollplay.

Application Needs - Create character sheets. Link to your character sheets in the application to join.

Alignments Allowed - Any.

Number Of Players - First 6 to apply.

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