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The Land of Vedda, a land that was so long ago torn apart by invasions from the outside world, of monsters feeding on the people as food, playing with them like toys. No, that was not the worst, a land where people, fed upon other people in such harsh times. Each kingdom had their own agendas, their own people. With no united front against the outsiders, it was only inevitable that they would perish. However, this land was brought to peace long ago, through force of will of man named Ashnil, now Heaven's seat of the land. Through his strength, valor, and sheer will, he has made peace between the kingdoms, driven the monsters of the outside world back beyond the edges of the land and united all under one rule, himself. He is not a tyrant, many adore him and love him, and many believe that for eternity- peace, happiness and prosperity will last forever.An older looking man, of great height, battle worn scars, and short hair bursts through the doors: "You there! and you and you and you, just all of you here stand up and LINE UP! You are SOLIDERS now! I don't care if you are forced to be here or if you are here on your own ideas of whatever glorified crap is in your head. You have one objective and one objective only, go out there and KILL some monsters! You know why you will do that? Because if you didn't, you will die. Now report to the front hall and take your orders Solider, if you don't like them we'll just kill you, saves us one mouth to feed when it gets down to it."

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