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  • Created Oct 9 '18
  • Last Post Aug 17 '19 at 7:09am
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"It is now the 2660th year of the world by the Auroran Count, the 1900th year since the gods arose, and by my count the 1573rd year since the first of the cataclysms. It has been 726 years since the return of civilization, 720 years since word of the Yellow thing began to spread..."

"It is by the blessings of the dead ones that I have lived to see this day and it is by the curses of the dead ones that I have suffered to see this day."

"Sinan is gone..."
"626 years have passed..."
"A new time of industry has begun..."
"The grip of the Ascendant has weakened on the Earth..."
"Men walk the lands again, reclaiming their former glories..."
"One day at a time..."
"An age of man..."
"A storm is coming..."
"A new destiny..."

- fragments of a lost diary

Hello. This is my second attempt at getting a nation game going in a setting of my design, built off of games that came before it, more specifically built on my previous attempt "Only Ruins." 'Only Ruins' was a world barely held together after an apocalypse, in which people were trying to begin again amongst the ruins of an age of wonder. 'Ascendancy' is a game set 726 years in the future of that world as society begins to come together again.

My plan is to post a setting guide over the course of the next month or so, expanding what I've written as time permits and more is submitted to me by players and participants. Rules will be posted around Halloween, and my current projection for beginning recruitment is around Christmas or New Years.

Feel free to speak, discuss, and critique should you feel the need to. The links below lead to information released over the past couple of years, including game threads.

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