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Rise of the True Heros

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Game Information
  • Created Oct 10 '18
  • Last Post Dec 22 '18 at 5:29pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Pathfinder
  • Setting Golarion

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Game Description

Ever wanted to go to the beyond of mortality? Then here we are!! You will rise, straight to the top! Other heros may come n go, they'll retire, but not you!! You're going to the highest calling. The True Heros! In the ballads of Epics. You will play a Gestalt, fro level 1. Going into the Epic levels, 20+. Where the Heroes of yore walk. Elminster, Mordenkainen, Thor, Hercules, etc,etc,etc.... Many have walked there before, in days of old. Now though, the heros of yore have faded. gone are the days where mere mortals have risen, to challenge even the most daunting of dangers. Now though, new heros will rise. A few. they shall rise and answer the call, straight to the mighty beyond. Where will their path lead them? Where will they end up? Will they find themselves at the Halls of Hell? To Asmodeus's throne himself? Will they meet Tiamat? Will they find themselves inside the maw of the Terrasque? Will they fight a demi-god? Or perhaps.....Become one?? Only Fate will tell. And they shall arise, as the True Heros, as the Days of Old. Yea, they shall, straight to the top, as some of the most Epic of the Modern World. Is this you?? Do you have the courage adventurer? to face what may come? What horrors await the fearless? some say the foolish, but what do they know? Surely you do, as your knowledge of whats out there, by far outstrips theirs. Then come adventurer, come to the truth. To the far reaches of eternity. And seize your fate, as one of the True Heros, Legendary, Epic, even Mythical. You will be starting out in Varisia. A dream figure cloaked in dark wisps came to you, telling you its your fate. Goto the mountains west of Riddleport. There you will find your fate. What waits for you, whats been calling you all your life, like a whisper on the edge of your consciousness. Always there at times. You'd see it, but when you turn it was always gone. Like a figure you just couldnt quite see, but knew was there. Now though, it has appeared to you, cloaked in dreams clouds of wisps. So you've set out, to finally meet this figure, or at least what they want from you. Why your fate is always there, beckoning you. Come, meet the Red Lady. forgotten of yore. So old this tale, so long swept under the tides of time, even the Gods would hardly remember it. Her name, so long gone, now it's only the Red Lady, from a place long past. She's calling to you, to finally take your place. It feels right, you've dreamt about this all your life. Now it seems it has come. You will take your road, finally going where you belong. You've always thought you were different, now you know, you are..... And this Red Lady, knows how to get you there. So heft up and go, on your way.

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