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Shadowdale - The legendary village. Home of Elminster and Storm Silverhand. The movers and shakers of Abeir Toril have all been through here now and again. The Powers themselves have noted the importance of this hamlet in the great scheme of the multiverse.

But you just call it home.

So many times history has been made and changed right here at your doorstep, but you had chores to do. You cut your teeth on stories of the Knights of Myth Drannor and the exploits of the Harpers, but you had lessons and schooling. It was only a matter of time before you ran off with a group of your friends to begin your own great adventure. Your parents knew it. You think you're ready, your parents think not. The eternal perdicament of the young. You go anyway, helped along with the equipment you came across in the barn or the spellbook left on the counter. Left there on purpose? You can't say yes or no, but you have it now.

Now here you are, at the ruins of some old temple to a god no one remembers. The rumor is that kobolds have taken up residence here, but the only evidence is a few missing sheep.

FlavorElminster walked along the tents at the midsummer fair. It wasn’t a large fair, but fairs didn’t have to be in Shadowdale. Fairs were always a highlight and sometimes it seemed that life was what happened between fairs. Even for a Chosen. He was chewing on a sweet cake when he noticed the group of young ones loitering around the rear of several tents, moping in the manner of all adolescents. There was about them an expectant air, as if something were going to happen whether good or bad. We need to keep them out of trouble, he thought. He closed his eyes briefly and a moment later the unmistakable figure of Storm Silverhand walked around a corner.
“What is it, El?” she asked.
He motioned slightly to the group, “Our young friends are getting fidgety, it would appear.”
Storm followed his motion and nodded slowly. “And you weren't at their age? Or can you not remember that long ago? What do you propose?”
“Let’s get them in trouble before they get into it themselves,” the sage offered with a wicked wink.
“Why not?”

Starting Level: 1st
Stat generation:
Method IV
Roll two sets; if both sets have 2 scores of 8 or less, reroll both sets; also, to prevent overpowered characters, any set with 3 or more scores of 17 or above must be rerolled.
Allowed sources: Core and Forgotten Realms boxed set (which I will be working from)

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