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The crew of the dreaded ship Night Siren must serve for a specific amount of time. They serve until they are dead, or until they can provide a young relative to take their place. Until these conditions are met, they cannot leave. Even in the event of their deaths, a relative is found to serve in their stead. Non-legacy crew happens from time to time over the hundreds of years the ship has roamed the seas, but only rarely. YOU are the young sons, daughters, cousins, nephews, etc. of these pirates. Now it is your turn.

The game begins in Skullport, the Underdark port and den of thieves and murderers below the sprawling city of Waterdeep. Raised either in Skullport or magnificent Waterdeep above, you may have been prepared for this your whole life...or maybe you never intended to go pirating, but in either case you grew up hearing the stories. Some say Captain Sszin'ral Mournrym is a ghost, chained to the ship's wheel. Or you might have heard the story that the ship is actually a dracolich, spitting fire from its bow and lifting out of the water on wings of bleached bone. No child in Skullport or Waterdeep has been spared the nightmares these stories bring.

You go about your daily lives, but soon that mundane existence will end forever. They are coming for you, to bring you back with them to serve your time. Try to enjoy the plunder and song, for there is no end to it until you die or you offer up another to serve in your stead.The ship flies across the waves silent as a swimming shark, the beautiful dark elf figurehead on the ship's bow singing a haunting song. Even though it is the dead of night and no moon shines overhead the Night Siren has no lamps lit. Only the distant muzzle flashes of her cannons let her prey know that their death has come, and by then its too late. The night breaks into a roar as wood splinters and sailors cry out in pain and terror, but the boarders are already amongst them...

The dreaded ship Night Siren has stalked the oceans for hundreds of years. Details about the ship and her crew are hazy and often made up to suit the particular fairy tale told about her. You wouldn't even have known that the ship was real if you hadn't been press-ganged into service under the command of Captain Mournrym. Whether a dream come true or a nightmare made all too real, your life will never be as it was.

Song and plunder, steel and thunder, tonight the Siren calls.

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