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Set in my own homebrew world. I'm interested in running a solo game. I want this to be only a solo game, because I want to focus on world-building and role-playing, and I have found that its easier to do in a solo game. Additionally, I have a scattered posting rate and I'm looking for someone who is interested in maintaining a game that has haphazard posting rates. I don't think I have time to run multiple games, so it will have to be only one game. Sorry in advance to anyone who expresses real interest but isn't accepted.

To reiterate, this game will be heavily focused on role-playing, world-building, possibly politics. There will be some combat, but that will be sporadic and most of the posting will be telling a story.

I am presenting various scenarios I would consider playing. In your application, please include which scenario you are interested in. These are only the ones I've thought of, and by no means the only scenarios I'd consider, so feel free to suggest a new scenario if you want. I may find it more interesting than the ones I've written. Fair warning: I'm much more interested in the standard races and classes listed below than in something exotic, but the potential for a good story will always sway me. Feel free to suggest a prestige class if you want. I don't have UA so I may ask for the stats.

In your application, you should also include a character idea (race, class, etc.) and a background. Your background should reflect the scenario you're interested in. Don't worry if it gets a few details wrong, we can iron those out later.

Scenario 1: Escaped slave. You're an orc who was captured by humans and held for slavery. You've escaped. What next?

Scenario 2: Holy War. The Island of Morean has been split between two religions, each based on the real world. In the western half of the island, the Krallik of Tash has been Igimnian (Muslim) since it was invaded 600 years ago. The eastern half has remained Mystician (Christian) though it has many smaller nations (the powerful city-state of Morean, ruled by some of the planet's most powerful mages; Ciropos, ruled by the lich Athantimena; and Ydelos, ruled by the Andovasillyas, an absolute monarch and a powerful mage; and rural Aluata, where the ancient tradition of democracy still survives). You are from either side of this conflict, and stuck somewhere in it.

Scenario 3: On the Frontier. You're on the edges of civilization. Are you an explorer? A fur trapper? A barbarian outcast from your tribe? An outlaw forced to live on the fringes?

Scenario 4: Half-elf living among elves. You're a half-elf, who has grown up in the elven homeland of Elvana. The discrimination and subtle abuse you have suffered have shaped you.

Scenario 5: Druid. Druids are heathens and pagans, hunted for centuries by the established Mystician church. They are nearly extinct now, and cannot practice their religion or art openly. You have to hide your religion, and maybe fight back against the church that hunts you down. Alternatively, you're a druid hunter tasked with finding the last vestiges of this old religion.

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