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Wrath of the Kobolds

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  • Created Oct 30 '18
  • Last Post Nov 22 '18 at 7:49pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Pathfinder

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Going through the Wrath of the Kobolds adventure starting with the prequel Night of the Mad Kobold.

Night of the Mad Kobold (Wrath of the Kobolds #0)
A quiet night in a town turns into a race against time! One insane kobold holds the key to stopping an explosive disaster but tracking him down is going to take brains and brawn. Can you find out the truth before the end of the NIGHT OF THE MAD KOBOLD?

Cave of the Kobold Queen (Wrath of the Kobolds #1)
The town of Ormkirk is in peril! Plagued by marauding kobolds that have been kidnapping townsfolk in the night, the townmaster of Ormkirk needs brave adventurers to end the pint-sized menace and return the kidnapped men. But what evil awaits you in the CAVES OF THE KOBOLD QUEEN?

Curse of the Kobold Eye (Wrath of the Kobolds #2)
What strange curse has befallen you? And what does it have to do with an ancient kobold legend? The answers to these questions lie on a dangerous journey into history and its pint-sized makers as you confront the sinister nature of the CURSE OF THE KOBOLD EYE!

Revenge of the Over-Kobold (Wrath of the Kobolds #3)
Danger strikes from the mountains! Rumors of great tribes of kobolds gathering under the leadership of a single commander spread across the land. who but a brave band of adventurers can put a stop to these pint-sized menaces and end the ... REVENGE OF THE OVER-KOBOLD?

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