The Frozen Waste's of War

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Game Information
  • Created Dec 13 '08
  • Last Post Apr 3 '09 at 2:47pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System 7th Sea

Game Description

General Montegue has invaded Ussura, and steadily moving onward to the capitol of Patlov. (actual game plot)
You are to be employed by a local guild that wishes to not stop but detour the on-coming army of Montaigne.
Think you can head directly into an army and demand them to turn aside and avoid the small village? Or perhaps sneak in and assassinate the leader and hope they abandon all hope of continuing. The village guild cares not for the means just that the end is a positive result.
Ask yourself though, why does such a small guild care so much for its borders to aviod an army. Does it have something to hide or do its inhabitants have so much pride they wish to see its lands spared from disaster.
These will be a few things to get your mind started, or you can be heroes and charge the army directly and likely end up a tale told by old Ussuran to the children.After recieving the

All playes will recieve the same letter, delivered by an ussuran female. if you want more role-play upon the delivery of the letter we can do that in private threads
letter you open it and read the following.

"Greeting's my fellow traveller.
My name is Purtrov Mishavilech, and i am the local patron owner of a small but diligent establishment. We are located in the country-side beyond the reach of our respected Gaius. I beseech you to come to the heed of this call on my behalf. I am in need of a good mind and body. As tales have reached my ears i hear that you are such a person, if i hear wrong i do apologize.
Though if you indeed are whom i assume you to be, i beg you to come to my home. Listen to my plea, and decide if it is a worthy cause. If you are not such an honorable kind, then i have saved a few coins that i will be willing to part with."

The game will not start in Ussura, or with the meeting of this ussuran fellow. The game idea is to start in northern Eisen and travel to him. Of course there might be a few bumps along the way!

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