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A land in a delicate balance of power. A land shared by three nations: one ruled by Good, one by Evil, the last neutral. Good and Evil never to ally, and Neutral caught between the other two.

Now a chaotic new force rises to upset the delicate balance these nations share.

Who rules these lands? How does the balance stay true? How does it affect life within these nations? You can help decide in this role-playing/roll-playing/world-building game.

This campaign encompasses all manner of types of environments, from wilderness, to dungeon, to city. Adventurers will witness and partake in the struggle for power to preserve or dominate the lands around them.

The first part of this campaign has the heroes accompanying a trade caravan south to the Wild Lands as employees of the Bright Star Adventuring Company. While a measure of trade exists with the goblins of Dhuugaan, and it is quite profitable, no foray into such lands is without some danger. That is where Bright Star and the adventurers enter.

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