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Elesar Online is a successful MMORPG made by NovaGame Studios. The promise was an open world game where the players could actively shape and build the world around them, and it delivered. The first major expansion was the War in Heaven, a high-level story about various planar forces trying to take over Elesar to use the resources on the world and a powerful artifact to reshape the cosmos. Elesar Online: New World is the second expansion, is about the existing factions scrambling to settle and exploit a new continent that appeared out of nowhere. Whereas the first expansion was centered on high-level combat, New World was meant to be started with a fresh character; the idea being the most powerful characters are needed to continue fighting the War in Heaven, and these lower level ones could contribute by sending resources, claiming territory, allying monsters, and uncovering new technologies and magics that might be hidden on the continent.

The campaign started with players washing up on the coast next to Beacon, captured by pirates and slavers. The story continued with staging a slave rebellion, ultimately ending in the first raid of the game, Captain Rusty of Shank-Town. It took about two weeks of gameplay for the community to unlock the raid, and another week after that to actually clear it. If everything worked correctly, killing the final boss would've liberated the city of Beacon to be used as a neutral hub for further exploration and the rest of the expansion. Instead, there was a game-crashing bug at the end of the final fight. NovaGame issued a statement as soon as the first reports came in that the raid was impossible to actually finish saying they would have a patch within 24 hours. Players accepted it, and went to sleep.

The next morning, they woke up as their characters in Beacon, the last thing they remember the game crashing and vague memories of Captain Rusty escaping. Now there is an entire continent open, and only the players' goals and mindsets to govern them.

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