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  • Created Nov 13 '18
  • Last Post Today at 12:32am
  • Status Running
  • System 13th Age

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Humanity has expanded through the solar system, establishing footholds everywhere possible, even in some places that seemed impossible. Polities and self-proclaimed utopias thrive in orbital habitats, on the Moon and Mars, and in the asteroid belt and beyond. Entrepreneurs, space-going mega-corps, the last vestiges of terrestrial and orbital governments, and an abundance of uplifted, parahuman, and post-human cultures, all contend for their piece of the vast resources that deep space holds.

All the while technology keeps spiraling upwards. A wormhole network makes travel from Charon to Mars possible in just a few minutes (queues allowing). Some have eschewed their birth bodies and taken up new biologically crafted bodies; more than a few of those aren't even recognisable as human. Some have grafted on cybernetics, and some reside in completely cybernetic shells with no flesh at all.

Governments have been superseded by the corporations they corrupted themselves to support, and uplifts, AIs, and genetically modified humans are becoming the norm. Millions live outside Earth's orbit now. Mars, Venus, Mercury, the asteroid belt, and the moons of Jupiter all support colonies of those who have fled Earth. Some of these colonies have become increasingly isolationist, stratified and rigid, while others have undergone astonishing cultural, scientific, and artistic flowerings.

On top of all that are the Orison. Though they've just started showing their presence, they've been here much longer than most of humanity realizes. They appeared through wormholes on Titan, on Europa, on Venus, on Earth. The anchors for those wormholes would have had to be built here long ago, before man even attained rudimentary spaceflight. Some hail the Orison as the gods that guided mankind, but the majority see them as a threat, and react with violence. A generation after their arrival, the Solar system is burning.

Void Age takes the Archmage system to the future with all new classes and a few new mechanics. Players roll all the dice, and the Icons - now known as Networks - don't just guide the story, but run the world you live in, and your reputation with them is your currency. Defenses are tweaked to give you separate melee and ranged defenses, and your race choice isn't permanent as it's easy to slide out of one body and into another - provided you can afford it.

*Adepts eschew technological enhancements, relying only on their training.
Deadeyes are elite marksmen, deadly at a distance, and dangerous in your face.
*Gatekeepers use state-of-the-art wormhole technology to make the battlefield shift in their allies' favor.
Glitches break the rules of physics to be in two places at once, or sometimes more.
*Junkers travel with an animal or mechanical companion but they're just as dangerous as their pet.
Nebulas utilize nanotechnology to cripple enemies and boost allies.
Phages carry a multitude of pathogens that they've become immune to. They use their own health to compromise others'.
Psiblades are melee experts that manifest deadly weapons out of pure psionic energy.
*Vectors are more refined psions that tear reality apart to reshape it to their will.
*Zerkers pour dangerous amounts of power into cybernetic enhancements to make themselves unstoppable juggernauts.

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