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Hommlet, a quiet little village in the Kron Hills, has sent out the call for young adventurers. Last fall their two great heroes Rufus and Burne received a mysterious visitor. They set out the next morning to the south with most of their retinue. No word was heard all winter long and then two months ago with the thawing snow Burne returned with a handful of men. The mage went straight to his tower without talking to anyone and has been shut up inside since. The men have all been tight lipped about what happened but the rumor is that task was near impossible. Burne's power was depleted and Rufus is no more.

A dark and menacing evil has been about the lands near Hommlet since that vile temple was first built. Its destruction brought but a hint of light to the Kron Hills but as the old Suel saying goes, "Once evil sets its gaze upon you it is not easy to cleanse your soul." Sinister elements are drawn to the region as if pulled by a magnet. With Rufus absent and Burne locked away bandits have begun raiding the roads into Hommlet and a darkness has set about the citizens who now fear that without their heroes greater evils are en route.

So with this the troubled village of Hommlet has sent out a call throughout the region for the young and brave to take up sword and spell in the defense of the peaceful villagers.

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