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Kidnappings and banditry have riddled the town Second Thorn for weeks. At last mayor Mustaine, under public pressure, has sent out word for strong arms to help cleanse the town of it's problems. In secret mayor Mustaine has already sent a small group of the town guard along with a local deviner's apprentice to investigate what he believes to be the problem: an old gnoll barrial cave that the farmers have looted for bones to fertilize their fields for a few years now.

The raid on the cave was a complete failure, as much of the cave that was explored contained nothing but piles of rocks and old bits of cloth. That was until a cloud of poisonous gas took the lives of everyone save the captain, though he is sworn to tell nothing to the public. On the record there never was a raid on the cave, nor was the removal of those bones from the cave ordered to cease.

The old Acacia empire once stretched from the Thorn Highlands in the north down to the southern coast, southwest till it meets with the yuan-ti city-states and the wasteland marking the ruins of Bael Turath. Under the Acacia empire all people where to be treated as equals under the law, sadly for years warforged were not considered people but were treated as property. It was not until decades after the war with the goblin's kingdom of Jamed Pearl, the second war they where pressed into, that warforged gained the same rights as humans.

The town of Second Thorn is located in the Thorn Highlands, once a proud province of the old Acacia empire, the Thorn Highlands were one of the first provinces to be lost in the empire's collapse. The town was originally built around the Second Thorn prison which served as the local prison in the days when First Thorn was the regional capital. In it's heyday Second Thorn prison was the most important prison in the empire because it was located on a spot touched by the King that Crawls himself. Second Thorn was already self-sustaining when First Thorn began to fall, random people would begin coughing up water and madly start digging trying to get as deep as possible and madly muttering something about reaching "the master", when those with the presence of mind to flee to Second Thorn they were relieved to find that "the drowning" was absent.

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