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This game is a "Hub" of sorts for the general discussion of the circle of games the users here will run.

Allow me to explain.

It is a permutation on an idea i have seen once on the forum. Number of actors doesn't have to be three partners, but the basic point i am trying to get at is best seen with three players. It goes something like this:

1. Three people get together on the forum(A, B, and C).

2. A starts a campaign, in which the other two are players in. B and C then decide which campaign they'd like to play in, and the GM gives suggestions based on his capabilities. Let's say, the players decide on a DnD High Fantasy game, centered around roleplay. The GM then says that 5e looks like a good system for it, and the campaign begins.

3. As the game goes on, the players of the first campaign start their own games for the GM of the first game, and the other player involved. B starts a Space Opera, and C starts a Cyberpunk Drama, because the other two have voted for them in both cases. These can be played in after, or at the same time as the High Fantasy game that A has started.

4. As a result, three campaigns have been formed:

DnD High Fantasy - [GM: A; Players: B,C;]
Space Opera - [GM: B; Players: A,C;]
Cyberpunk Drama - [GM: C; Players: A,B;]

5. As a result of this circuar exchange, all players have played the games they want, and have had the opportunity to GM and express themselves througth creating a world for the others to play around in.

Obvoiusly, this is probably going to be a high-commitment(or, at least, higher commitment than most PbP games), so i'm just going to throw this out there, see who sticks, and try to make the best of the game.

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