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A Shadow at Grimmskeep Hold

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You and your colleagues find yourselves travelling at a hurried pace toward the isolated village of Grimmskeep. Your vassal lord, Earl Faevrun, has received word that his missing heir, Lady Rowenna, might have been sighted on the roads leading toward the boundary settlement and has dispatched your band of adventurers to investigate these sightings.

Rumors and gossip fly about the Lady's disappearance. Those most intimately familiar with her are astonishingly tight-lipped about the affair and her quarters have been placed under guard, with no one being allowed admittance without the express permission of the Lord himself. Whispers suggest the rooms bear signs suggesting the practice of dark magic and infernal influences, but nothing has been substantiated.

Grimmskeep is one of the last settlements on the borders of the Forests of Altegrun. The vast seas of trees are dark and forboding, hiding any number of dangers and wonders. Dotting the landscape are vast ruins, covered and silenced by the advance of the forest and its denizens, hinting at the remains of once great kingdoms. Only the most stout-hearted enter the reaches of the forest, for it is truly wild. The folk of Grimmskeep are a hearty folk, though they rarely respond well to the presence of outsiders.

Your orders are clear: Discover what you can about the rumors regarding the sighting of Lady Rowenna and do all within your power to find and return her home.

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