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Game set in the generic setting of D&D 4e. Serious game, with mature elements and grey morality scales.

Characters built at level 1, with a 30 point-buy, starting with 100 gold and a level 1 magic item.

Homebrew rules:
- You can exchange one of your two racial bonuses to an ability score for another ability score, if you wish. For example, you could make a Dragonborn with +2 Strenght and +2 Dexterity, or a Dwarf with +2 Strenght and +2 Constitution. You can't use this rule to gain +4 in one ability score, and you can change only one of the original bonuses. Humans gain another bonus skill to compensate for this added versatility to the other races.
- When a player does a smart action or roleplays very well, he won't need to roll any dice for the action to succeed, or will gain heavy bonuses to it depending on the situation. This can happen in or out of combat, but damage dice will always be rolled.
- Initiative is divided into blocks. Each block is a grouping of all consecutive initiative rolls for characters on the same team. Each character or enemy in a block can act in any order, as long as every character or foe in a block acts.
- The game will be using the Obsidian Skill Challenge System, which can be found here.The year is 623, almost a hundred years after Daimian the Conqueror unified all small counties and duchies in the region into what is now known as the Great Kingdom of Al'Hazir. The kingdom finds itself in a age of peace and development, ruled by Daimian III, grandson of the great conqueror; the only enemies there are to fight are the wandering monsters and terrors lurking in the dark parts of the world, only reason for the halt of the kingdom's expansion. Besides the apparent peace, the Conquest was a mere hundred years back, so there is still hatred and resistance in some parts of Al'Hazir, although armed ones are rare.

Al'Hazir is bordered in the south by the Endless Seas, and in the north by the Eternal Mountains. To the east and west, the kingdom's influence goes as far as the Shadow Forest and the Bloody River, respectively. Many ships already tried to master the Endless Seas, but found only damnation in the treacherous waters. The farthest someone has ever travelled was to the nearby Serpentine Islands, home to a small kingdom of merchants and fishers. The Eternal Mountains are a monolith of earth and stone, throwing it's shadow over Al'Hazir. Many have tried to travel them, but have found only the cold fingers of death in the dangerous mountainside. The Shadow Forest is home to strange creatures and horrible abominations, and no one with common senses dares to venture in them. The Bloody River is called that way because it was where Daimian the Conqueror fell, victim to an ambush by a tribe of orcs living nearby.

In the middle of Al'Hazir, from the Endless Seas to the Eternal Mountains, runs a great road, well-maintaned and well-travelled, called the King's Road. Bordering the King's Road are the greatest cities of the kingdom including Dazjol, the capital, at the foot of the Eternal Mountains, and Hafen, the Merchant's City, on the shores of the Endless Seas.

Following the promise of easy gold, enemies to fight or the lure of adventure, you have travelled to the city of Hafen, home to great harbours and ports, a merchant city in it's core, trading good with the Serpentine Islands and whatever other ships that happen to pass by the way. You find yourself standing at a small temple in the outskirts of the city, hearing a proposal too good to be true.

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