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Fairydale is a world inhabited by creatures, characters and magic from folklore, fairytales, mythology and fantasy literature (in the public domain).

Considering this is my first time DMing in this format, the campaign will try to mix everything: combat, RP and exploration pretty evenly.

The tone will shift with the party. It definitely isn't static. Probably not too dark and probably not too Disney.

I would prefer posts at least once a day, but I won't do much unless you disappear for a week without warning.

This campaign is mostly sandbox, so just explore and meet people and gods and monsters, maiming things if you want and hopefully trying to fulfil a plot. There's also a good amount of my own worldbuilding to tie everything together, so don't be surprised if you see anything like that.

All characters must be based off a character from a fairytale, folklore, mythology or fantasy literature within the public domain.

I would like 3-5 players.

Starting level is 1.

As for sourcebooks, I'm only using the basic DMG, PHB and MM as well as my own homebrew creations. If you want to do something from another sourcebook, you can, but ask first.

Use proper grammar and punctuation. The quality of the writing can be meh, but get the English right.

You'll likely begin in Grimmland, the land where most of Grimm's Fairy Tales take place (basically Germany). However, if it seems that almost everybody has chosen some Greek hero or a character from the Arabian Nights, I will change the starting location.

Ability scores will be point buy.

Remember, this is my first time DMing in this format.


Character Submission Template:
Which character is it based off?:
Personality: Include ideals, bonds and flaws.

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