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InformationHello, my name is Reckon and this will be my first actual (not a one-shot) Dungeon mastering Endeavor both in real life and on the Weave. I am looking for players interested in role-play over rollplay for the most part, but make no mistake; the dice will fall as they may.

This campaign will take place in Matt Mercer's Tal'Dorei setting. Please note that any class options present in that book, as well as Matt Mercer's Blood Hunter class and Gunslinger Fighter archetype are all allowed content... as well as all official WoTC content of course. NOTE: I am not going to outright ban the use fo Unearthed Arcana as a source, but please note that I reserve the right to scrutinize and alter any Unearthed Arcana content used within this game for the purposes of balancing.

Characters will start at level one, and may roll 4d6 dropping the lowest for stats, and then assign those stats in whatever order they wish.

If the rolled stats are not to the player's liking, they may instead choose to use the 27 point buy method.

I'm not wholly sure what else to put down here, so for now please feel free to begin working on an application in the Applications folder. You may also drop into the OOC thread with any questions you may have.

I plan to recruit for this game until January 15th, 2019. This date could possibly changed to be later, or sooner depending on how things progress. If I feel I have enough good applications to make my choice, I will post a revised end date oif acceptance -- conversely if I need more time or if I feel applicants need more time, I will revise the date and push it back perhaps a week or so.

Just to state in case it wasn't fairly obvious: I heavily appreciate players willing to 'deal' with a very inexperienced GM. Odds are I am going to screw up here and there but I will not be above admitting when that happens. Regardless whether you are a newbie or a veteran tabletop player, I hope to see an application from you!

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