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Grand Theft Auto played intelligently. The Godfather without Italian accents. Scarface with halflings and gnomes as "little friends".

This is a game in which the PCs play as a criminal organization just getting off the ground. They have been rejected by the major criminal guild of the kingdom, and are now on their own. Fleeing the capital city of Galadar, they have made their base of operations in the small town of Bridgeford. Their goal is simple - to establish themselves, and begin building a criminal empire of their own to rival the one that they were exorcised from.

The Family will use almost any means necessary to accomplish this goal. However, in keeping with what I view as the bounds of decency, I plan to keep the rating on this game around PG-13, especially when it comes to sexual matters. Obviously, prostitution may come up. However, there will be NO graphic depictions of sexual acts. The PCs are forbidden to engage in sexual slavery or forced prostitution of any kind. If you are in doubt about what I will allow, PM me or post in the OOC thread BEFORE taking action.

Please understand I am trying to have this as a fun game for everyone, and some people (including myself) are not comfortable with this kind of activity or subject matter. So for the DMs sensibilities, and possibly others, please be respectful and act with restraint if necessary. If this becomes a problem, the DM will warn the offender(s), and take any and all necessary actions if warnings are ignored. I'm not a mean guy, but I feel like this kind of game needs this kind of tag.Hmmm... not a bad group. Hopefully they'll be up for the job. If not, it won't matter - they'll either succeed... or they'll die.

"Well, you all know why we are here. Kicked out, disgraced, beaten - but not broken. Galadar is a good city, but not for us, not now. This is where we begin, this is the start of our road home. Not as many of us as I had hoped, but this is a start."

Actually, there are more here than I thought would come. Surprised this many people had the grit. Maybe this WILL work...

"Down to business now I suppose. Gold - we need it. Lots of it. We will not be able to survive without, let alone challenge the Guild. So we go now, to gather information, to plan, and to execute. But before we go, I will tell you a great truth."

Good, good - they're listening. Here - this moment - is where we win or lose. They MUST believe.

"The Guild is large, we know this. The Guild has power, and influence, and wealth. But there is something they are missing. Do any of you know what they lack? Family. They are a guild, a group, bound together by gold and by power. We are not - we are a family, bound together by deeper bonds than they can understand - dare I call it love? Nevermind, for now. Let us go and make this town ours."

This will do - the looks on their faces tell me all that I need know. They are ready.

"Welcome to the Family."

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