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It was the stuff of legend, A man thought to be untouchable, able to dodge any blow, deflect any weapon, a living god. But there was truth to the stories and a few brave souls sought him out of their own accord, they learned from him not his techniques, as each had their own. Instead they learned his ways, his discipline and his philosophy through which they could become his equal. He asked only for the promise that his disciples would never take their abilities for granted nor use them to bring harm to the innocent. The training grounds became home for many months and the students became close. The master said it was not through raucous laughter nor quiet contemplation that perfection could be achieved, but by the balance between.

But nor all subscribed to the masters teachings and those seemed to be where his focus lay strongest. The Jade, the Ruby, The Ebon and the Sapphire all were promising students and masters in their own regard but none held true to the mans belief in the end, in the end the master was betrayed.

His disciples splintered, his School in ruin and his philosophy fragmented, the master of the Temporal Mind seemed destined to fade away as a mere legend. Yet his most loyal of students held out hope, they clung to their masters teaching and sought to live it out in their daily lives and felt a call, a call to return to the burnt out husk that was once their home. The legend and philosophy of the Master of the Temporal Mind would live on through these fated students.

Master of the Temporal Mind is a Wuxia and kung-fu inspired Dnd 5e Campaign, right now as it is in my head it should be a short-medium campaign but if all goes well I wouldn't be against taking it longer. Players begin at level 3 and all official material save UA is available (including critical role content) Players are encouraged to consider any and all classes not just monks, the Master taught a way of bettering oneself through ones own actions and will not through a regimented and standardized style.

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