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This is a 5e game using Michael Bonar's Unofficial Elder Scrolls Conversion, the pdf for which can be found here. Players are a rare combination of Daedra and mortal, which have been appearing all across Tamriel. No one is sure why, but the answer is most certainly bad. An order known as the Triumphant have formed in response and captured you.

History wise it takes place ten years after the events of Skyrim. Dragons remain a problem and have slowly spread across Tamriel. Peace begins to crack as the Empire and Dominion ready for war. Undead remain have never been more widespread and there are rumors the Black Worm have returned under an even more powerful leader.

Character Creation
Fill out an character in the Application thread.
Ability Scores
Use an array of 18, 14, 14, 12, 10, and 8.
You can be any Elder Scrolls race and you do have the Half-Daedra Template. That can be found below.
You may be any Elder Scrolls class and start at 5th level.
Multiclassing and feats are allowed.
You may roll twice and choose one.
Start with 2000 gold to purchase items in addition to your classes/backgrounds starting gold.
Hit Points
Max at first average after that.
Details must include origin, appearance, and personality. Create two of the following NPCs, naming a race, quick description, and class. Mentor, True Love, Rival, Nemesis, Fast Friend, Charge (orphan or child), Faction Representative, Childhood Friend, Fan, Former Ally, Sibling, or Frenemy. I will create an appropriate third, possibly a secret at your discretion.

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