The City of Lost Children

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  • Created Dec 18 '08
  • Last Post Dec 18 '08 at 12:48pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System D20 Past

Game Description

I intent this game to be heavy of psychological terror, paranoia and loneliness feelings. Most of the time you should be thinking out of the logical plane. Appart from that, there will be a little bit of everything.
PCs will be a group of children from a period between the 19th and 20th centuries (think about Oliver Twist's style) dragged into this place. I am seeking for a group of 5 kids and I need to know their Archetype (Bully, Dreamer, Jock, Nerd, Normal kid, Outcast or Popular kid), how they look like(Description, appearance and personality) and where they come from (background, what the kids were in real life).

We will be using the D20 system, and a supplement called Grimm wich focuses on simulating children in a twisted and dangerous version of Grim tales. We wont be playing in Grimm lands though. This dimension lays between the Grimm lands and reality. Childrens get sucked into Grimm, but on they way there, they may get stuck here. Being closer to reality, this place is more sensitive towards adult people's thoughts, fears and cruel side, giving us a much darker and lonely scenario.
You dont need to own the Grimm book. If you can play D20, you will just need an explanation on archetypes and modifications to the rules.

Sources of inspiration: Dark city, The city of Lost children, The Orphanate, American McGee's Alice, Silent hill, DarkSeed series.

I dont have any plans on starting until next year. So Im open for character proposals until Jan 08.You dont know how much time you've spend in this city. Maybe weeks? months? You are already forgetting what it was like to be home. But you dont think about it a lot.
You've been apparently sucked into another dimension, because you doubt this place can belong to reality. Here, the sun never shines, and night is separated from the day by just the sound of the clocks and temperature changes. Madness ruleseverything. Inhabitants of this place dont come out of their house. In fact, you have had very little contact with other living beings since you arrived, and even less friendly contact. You cant find a logical explanation to anything. Street layouts dont make any sense, people's houses and behaviour is weird. No one seems to work, nor go outside for anything. They are all like madmed, sitting in corners, doing strange things. This is closer to being a jungle rather than a city, in terms or organization.
You were at least (un)lucky enough to find somewhere to stay. Your first day here you found and orphanate, run by two twin women. They let you stay for the night. You met other children there. You were even fed the next morning. But then, reality (or shall I call it unReality?) smacked you right in the face. The two women are in fact two crazy crackhead, who force the children to steal and bring them things in exchange for their hospitality. You dont fulfill their expectations? Then you are going to spend the night in the street, or you are dragged into "the cellar", the twin's lovely pain room (a place you will not ever come out of).
Spending the night outside is a real problem. During the day, the city is almost deserted. But at night it isnt the same city. The streets are roamed by strange black figures, known as "The Watchers". The watcher's job is to fulfill their master's orders: Destroy children and their magination. Because imagination is the most powerful weapon in this world. Imagination interacts with the environment, creating or destroying things, influencing what happens around our kids.
The Watcher's master is known as The Fatman. He is just a mad, fat bloke who apparently is the ruler of this dimension. He wants to prevent children from messing with his realm.

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