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A Learning Experience

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  • Created Jan 12 '19
  • Last Post Yesterday at 3:27pm
  • Status Running
  • System Pathfinder

Game Description

A Haunted Forest...
An Abandoned Manor...
A Mage Gone Missing...
A Desperate Steward...
An Implacable Foe...
A Menacing Friend...
Could it all be just...A Learning Experience???


Come, Noble Adventurers, break your fast and rest from your travels at the famous Korova Inn, home of the refreshing, pale liquid known as Korova Cream, a drink that goes down easy and smooth, but makes it tough for you to get back up again.

A roaring fire, a fine meal, and an evening's light entertainment await you.

Join us!


A Pathfinder game set in a 'Standard Fantasy World™'. The PC's will be a group of three seasoned adventurers who have known one another for some time and have adventured together for awhile. The game will start as the PC's enter the town of Korova, a small outpost of civilization in the middle of thousands of acres of primeval forest.

Arriving in the town, they will find a chance to rest, recuperate, and possibly solve a mystery that has the locals baffled, and just a little bit afraid.


A couple of points about the tone of the campaign...

While this game will be fairly ROLEPLAY heavy, it will also feature a decent amount of combat, puzzle solving, and social interaction. There is a mystery afoot, and the PC's will, hopefully, help to solve it. Please keep this in mind when making decisions about what sort of character you want to create.

I wont be handing out XP in the traditional sense, I will instead be advancing your characters at story appropriate places.

This game will be intimate. Unlike most of my games, the team will consist of just 3 PC's, rather than my normal 6 (or 7 or 8, since I seem to have a penchant for drawing awesome players who write awesome apps, and I have a hard time saying no. :palm:). I think the smaller group size should make for more intense roleplay, and also give plenty of opportunity to explore the Spheres mechanics.

This game will be relatively slow paced. I'm still getting back into the swing of things after dealing with some heavy personal stuff IRL, and I'm hoping running a relatively 'simple' adventure will help me get my groove back. Just so everyone is aware, I work in an industry that is extremely busy this time of year, and I am also dealing with some ongoing personal stuff, thus, trying to carve out enough time IRL to allow me to practice the hobby I love can be challenging. That being said, I am committing to 2-3 IC posts a week once the game starts and I expect the same from my players.

This game will be somewhat lighter themed than most of my games. All evidence to the contrary, I am an adult (actually, as mentioned, I'm kind of an old fart :]) and I tend write for other adults. While this game will likely feature adult themes (within site limits, obviously), evil villains, and morally questionable choices, it will also feature a fair bit of humour and even some slapstick. The outcomes of the game will be largely dependent on the PC's choices, and if things go pear shaped, expect the story to turn dark very quickly.

If all of this interests you, please check out the following threads:
  • Character Creation Rules - Everything you need to know to create your character. There are a few house rules, so please read this thread completely through, before you head to the...
  • Character Creation Q&A - If you have clarification questions or require specific answers, please post them here.
  • General OOC thread - Chat about the game, your character, the weather, or pretty much anything else, here. No rules specific questions, please.

When you're ready to start, please make a PRIVATE thread in the Applications Folder, then start checking things out.

I look forward to meeting you...

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